Yoga Musicians

Alexandra Millman

Alexandra Millman founder of Drum Mama Studios (2003-present), as she shares her passion for spreading the joy, connection and serenity inherent in Hand Drumming. She has over 2 decades of experience as a rhythm facilitator, world percussion teacher, recording artist, and performer. Alexandra has 10 years of classical ballet training, is a life long yoga practitioner, and is certified as a pilates instructor. She infuses yoga philosophy and movement to create a soul-filling, meditative drumming experience. Come receive the many health benefits of hand drumming and join Alexandra as she artfully leads you in a joyful, stress releasing and energy increasing drumming experience! Absolutely no musical experience or ability is required!!

Colin Hillstrom

Colin Hillstrom is a certified sound healer, recording artist ,spiritual coach and author. His 11 bowls are made from different precious gems and metals like gold and platinum and hence emanate pure vibrations to clear and rebalance the chakras. Humans are like a walking symphony; we are vibrational beings capable of organized, harmonious, and unified creativity, consciousness, and connection. But sadly, for most of us, our body/mind/spirit complex is badly out of tune, the main reason for perpetual failure and disappointment, fear, and lack of love.When you attend a Chakra Sound Bath, you can quickly de-stress and re-balance your cells, nervous system, brain, mind and emotions.

Anand David Embry

Anand David Embry (Bachelor of Music, Certified Clinical Musician) studied vocal awareness with Chloe Goodchild of ‘The Naked Voice’. In addition, he’s investigated our relationship with sound, listening and music influenced by the integral yoga of Swami Sivananda Radha. He has been leading kirtan for 25 years primarily in Victoria and Vancouver. Anand can be reached at:

The Arkaya Chanters will be joining him in a call and response format and Nenad on Tabla. The Chants presented will be simple yet powerful and uplifting for all in the festival to join in.