February 4, 2017


Yoga embraces all To hear of Yoga is a blessing. To absorb and align with it,  even more so. The Yogic and Indian ethos springs from its meaning which means union or yoking of body, emotion and mind with the universe. This expansive thinking beyond race , age or net worth towards refinement of the human being , Self discovery and realisation is what Yoga is about. It is about building humane compassionate beings who can with their very presence bring in fairness, vision and bliss to the endeavours they are involved in and uplift everyone. From such individuals spring conscious communities, organisations and countries. What one of the Yogic texts speaks of The Bagwat Gita , an ancient Indian text on conscious living, describes yoga as Excellence in action. This excellence is defined not only as skillfully doing ones job, but having ones heart in it, without getting attached to the fruits.  This does not mean that one does not get something in exchange. However the sole motivation is not the exchange alone. Excellence comes from believing in what one does and knowing it needs to be done for the greater good of all and for cosmic order to […]