Get Involved

This festival is a collaborative effort. It depends on many community members and community partners to flourish and succeed. If you would like to get involved with us, there’s many ways to get started. Check out the sections below to explore involvement opportunities. 

3rd Year International Yoga Festival Vancouver

Instruct a Yoga Session

Each year, we invite four to five Yoga Gurus to guide, instruct, and share their wisdom with festival attendees. These Gurus are one of the main pillars of the event. If you would like to get involved and be considered, please fill in our application form.

Host a Wellness Session

The International Yoga Festival is an event that promotes yoga, wellness, and healthy living. Do you have a session that fits perfectly with our themes that you would like to host at our event? Fill in the application form, we want to know all about it.
3rd Year International Yoga Festival Vancouver

Host a Booth

Do you have a product that helps promote health and wellness or ethical and violence-free consumption? An organization that supports Yoga and other healthy activities? Come engage and share your product with our audience at the festival.


Volunteer with Us

For the festival to reach its potential, we depend on a team of volunteers who contribute their time and energy to make the festival flow smoothly and look effortless. Fill in our application form, and join the team!