November 26, 2018

The Value of Meditation in a Fast-Paced World

I’m a person that’s all about productivity, living life to it’s fullest and I’m willing to do anything to optimize human functioning. That’s one of the reasons I meditate. Sitting and doing nothing you say? That doesn’t sound like a good use of time when you live a super busy lifestyle! Allow me to explain. Some of you may have heard of Tim Ferris, author of Four Hour Work Week and other works. His most recent book titled Tools of Titans is 673-page encyclopedia into the lives of today’s most influential and impactful entrepreneurs, or what he calls “world class performers”. Some of the most notable (for me) include Malcom Gladwell, Tara Brach, Wim Hof, Paulo Coelho, and Brene Brown, His book can also be described as a compilation of the numerous interviews he’s conducted over the years on his podcast, The Tim Ferris Show. He found that over 80% of these idols/icons/titans/billionaires practice some form of meditation in their daily routine. Meditation, you think to yourself, might as well be synonymous with the word fluff. Let’s make it a little more concrete and research-based. There are many different kinds of meditation. Meditation can vary according to the way meditation is […]
June 6, 2017

THE WORLD IS OUR FAMILY – Vasudhaiva kutumbakam

By Yogacharini Maitreyi We have many worlds within I grew up with my grandfather speaking to me about one big family , of Carls Sagan, Aryabhata (an Indian astronomer and mathematician who lived around 3000 years ago) and of Greek gods. Though Aryabhata was popular, he mentioned how six thousand years even before Aryabhata Indians had advanced astronomical observations. He spoke of many civilizations and their ways. He spoke of  pharaohs being mummified as they thought that would make them live forever and of some Romans both rich and poor abandoning their newly borns in a practice commonly called exposure that exposed those babies to the elements.. He spoke of the best and the worst in each civilization.. He said  that though everything seemed larger than life for a child of 10 such as myself, all these worlds were within me. That is the beauty of the Yoga life where we see our highest and divine self yet are not afraid to see and shift our shadow or darkness as well. Positive vibrations from different cultures uplift. He loved Beethovan and I listened to the symphonies as well as listened to MS Subbulakshmi’s suprabatham (South Indian classical music)  and saw […]