February 4, 2017


Yoga embraces all To hear of Yoga is a blessing. To absorb and align with it,  even more so. The Yogic and Indian ethos springs from its meaning which means union or yoking of body, emotion and mind with the universe. This expansive thinking beyond race , age or net worth towards refinement of the human being , Self discovery and realisation is what Yoga is about. It is about building humane compassionate beings who can with their very presence bring in fairness, vision and bliss to the endeavours they are involved in and uplift everyone. From such individuals spring conscious communities, organisations and countries. What one of the Yogic texts speaks of The Bagwat Gita , an ancient Indian text on conscious living, describes yoga as Excellence in action. This excellence is defined not only as skillfully doing ones job, but having ones heart in it, without getting attached to the fruits.  This does not mean that one does not get something in exchange. However the sole motivation is not the exchange alone. Excellence comes from believing in what one does and knowing it needs to be done for the greater good of all and for cosmic order to […]
February 4, 2017


I grew up with my grandfather speaking to me about one big family , of Carls Sagan, Aryabhata ( an Indian astronomer and mathematician who lived around 3000 years ago) and of Greek gods. He mentioned how six thousand years before Aryabhata we had advanced astronomical observations and spoke of many civilizations and their ways, like pharaohs being mummified. He said  that though everything seemed larger than life for a child of 10 such as myself, all these worlds were within me. He loved Beethovan and I listened to the symphonies as well as listened to MS Subbulakshmi’s suprabatham (South Indian classical music)  and saw my grandfather cry to his favourites “Ram Niranjan” and “Guruji” by Kumar Ghandarva (North Indian Classical music). He made me aware of how plants could sense what I was feeling and how ayurvedic herbalists chanted and asked the plant to participate in another’s healing before plucking their leaves or whichever part was required. He spoke of how “The secret life of plants”, a book in English was speaking about similar yogic principles where equipment attached to the  plants indicated that the plants were agitated or had violent tremors when a person with the intent to […]
January 30, 2017


I was asked in year 2016, by a participant at the International Yoga day, organized by International Yoga Festival & Expo Foundation and sponsored by ICSEA as well as the Indian consulate, about stress. How does yoga reduce stress? I have taught many corporations and individuals in different countries on stress management, self mastery and aligning with the highest. I see that many times they perceive asanas and pranayama to be like a pill. Many want three postures to heal blood pressure, one pranayama or a breathing technique for weight loss , some other combination for increasing creativity or one secret manthra or chant for enlightenment. Though all are possible, more than just the tools, the approach to the tool, right attitude as well as lifestyle and paradigm changes are  very important. So in a series of articles I will explain how stress can be alleviated by approaching yoga in a holistic manner. We will also see the depth, expansiveness and beauty of the yogic system. It is a system which goes to the root imbalance rather than just getting rid of the symptom and addresses every aspect of the individual. The physical, emotional, mental and spiritual are aligned. The […]